Sri Yoga Annual Mt. Shasta Retreat

Mt Shasta Sri Yoga Retreat

June 12-16th 2019
Mt. Shasta 

This Summer June 12-16, join Jean and Brenna for a Sri Yoga ™ movement and meditation retreat at the magnificent Stewart Mineral Springs. Located in the powerful land that surrounds Mt. Shasta, this location will connect you with the vastness and intimacy of the Infinite. We are primal beings who exist within, not apart from nature. There is nothing like the peacefulness of the Shasta Trinity National forest and the power of the healing springs to center ourselves in the unity of all things.

What’s included:

Transformational Retreat Includes: Daily Yoga, Advanced Subtle Body Work, Pranayama, Meditation, or Yoga Nidra. Time every day for Baths (baths not included in tuition), hiking, and touring of the gorgeous Mt. Shasta, and local mountain lakes.
June 12 = 10:00-12:30pm Yoga/Dharma Talk , 4:30 - 6:30/7pm Gentle Yoga/Nidra
June 13 - 15th =  9-12:00 , 4:30-6:30/7
June 16 = 10-12pm


$770 before June 1| $927 Regular Price
Room and Board not included