500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training F.A.Q.s

Is there a time restriction in how long I have from my 200-hour to complete my extra hours for 500-hour certification? 

No.  Many Students go right from one to the other!

Who accredits your teacher training program?

Sri Yoga Teacher Training program is accredited through Yoga Alliance.

What is the difference between 300- and 500-hour trainings?

A 500-hour teacher training, according to Yoga Alliance, means that in a 500-hour training you take all 500 hours at the same time under one roof (yoga school.) A 300-hour advanced teacher training, follows your 200-hour training and at that point in time, you can choose a different school to complete your entire 300-hour training. Our program is a 300-Hour training. 

Do I need to do the Sri Yoga Teacher Training (SYTT) 200-Hour program to qualify for the SYTT 500/SYTT 300 program?

No! If you have completed a 200-hour teacher training from another teacher or school, you are eligible to take the SYTT 300-hour program modules.

What is SYTT 500? Is it really 500 hours of training?

SYTT 500 means that at the end of the 300 hours of advanced training, you would be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level.

What if I am unable to attend some of the training, i.e. sick day or work obligations, etc?

In the event that a student misses any classroom time/contact hours of a Sri Yoga 500 hour Teacher Training, they can be made up through private sessions with either Jean or Brenna.   Private sessions are $175/hr.

Do you have a weekend program?

At this time, our 300-hour advance training program is broken into 6 - 5 Day/ 50 hour modules that you can take in any order.

Can I combine a SYTT 100-hour advanced training module with hours from another school?

Not according to Yoga Alliance. You are welcome to take from as many schools as you like, but in order to register at the 500-hour level, you need 300 of those hours to come from the same program.

I’m not really teaching yoga right now. Why should I take a Sri Yoga advanced training?

To deepen your knowledge of yoga. It’s a perfect time to learn new tools, read new texts and meet new people to inspire your practice and love of yoga. When you do want to get back into teaching, you will bring a new depth of knowledge and experience.

I don’t have my 200-hour certification, but the topics interest me. Can I take the training without the certificate?

Because these are advanced trainings, we would interview you on a case by case basis to make sure the level is safe and appropriate for you.

I am currently teaching yoga. How would a Sri Yoga advanced module or program help me?

You will deepen your knowledge and experience of yoga, which will inspire, enrich, and enhance your level of teaching. 

If I take a SYTT does this mean I am automatically registered with Yoga Alliance?

No. After you complete your training, you are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance. That is the case with every YA school.

What if I just want to deepen my practice and knowledge of yoga. Can I take a Sri Yoga Advanced Training Module?

Yes, provided you are adequately prepared physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically. Let’s talk about it to see if it would be appropriate for you.