Alchemize Your Asana: Harness Your Power to Heal
(Formally the Art of Transmission: Part 1)

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 The foundation of an alchemical yoga practice is skillful use of Prana.  In this immersion, we will take our sadhana to a whole new level where Yoga is management of the energetic body (Pranamaya Kosha).  Sequencing (Vinyasa Krama) through the lens of prana has the power to clear and heal every layer of your being - physically, mentally, and vibrationally.  This increased level of clarity will allow you to bring your highest Self more fully into every aspect of your life, both on and off the mat.  More advanced pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra and healing techniques will be introduced, with an emphasis on the experiential aspects.

Topics Include:

  • Exploration of the concept of the Prana, Space, and Life Force

  • Developing and inspiring your personal practice and/or teaching

  • Tantra as alchemy: Understanding and application of Tantric teachings and techniques in asana, pranayama, and meditation

  • Understanding and applying the bio-energetics of asana and pranayama

  • Adhikara, sequencing, vinyasa krama and use of themes and bhavana for clearer transmission

  • Find your voice: Application of the Yoga Scriptural Texts, i.e. Yoga Sutras, Shiva Sutras, Upanishads, and Bhaghavad Gita

  • Alchemical integration with Yoga Nidra

Dates & Investment:


Required Reading:
The Upanishads(Prashna Upanishad) - Eknath Easwaran
Yoga Nidra - Swami Satyananda Saraswati
Yoga and Ayurveda - Dr. David Frawley

Suggested Reading:
Tantra Unveiled - Pandit Rajmani Tigunait
Yoga Sutras - Practice of Yoga Sutra Pandit Rajmani Tigunait