200-Hour Teacher Training F.A.Q.'s

What are the pre-requisites?

We ask that you have done yoga for at least 6 months before enrolling in any teacher training.

I’ve already completed a 200-hr teacher training? Would I be wasting my money?

Absolutely not! We know that there will be many levels of students and teachers in each class. Every person will be challenged to grow and stretch in their personal practice, as well as in their teaching skills. If you are experienced, we will help you take your teaching to the next level, regarding sequencing, subject matter, and teaching formats. In addition, we offer a Tantric  perspective,  that will enhance what you already know.

Are there scholarships or work study available?

We would love that! Contact Jean or Brenna and we will see which of our financial aid programs will best suit you. 

Will I be ready to teach after I complete the course work? I know some of my friends felt that after they did a 200-hr training, they weren’t ready to teach.

Absolutely! In the Sri Yoga Teacer Training (SYTT) program our goal is to make sure you have the voice and the chops to start teaching right away. 

What if I am unable to attend some of the training,i.e. sick day or work obligations, etc.?  

In the event that a student misses any classroom time/ contact hours of a Sri Yoga Teacher Training, they can be made up through private sessions with the lead teacher.  
1) Students can miss up to 6 hours of the TT lecture without penalty. Students are responsible for getting the notes either from other students, or they can book a private with whoever was teaching the material they missed. 
2) Missed asana practices may be made up in a public class given by Brenna, Jean, or any of the scheduled lead teachers in the training. 
3) Anything over 6 lecture hours must be made up in the form of a private with the lead teachers. 4 hours missed time for 1 hour private.  Cost of private is $150/hr. 

What if I’m not that interested in teaching, but I want to deepen my practice?

Perfect! We’d love to have you! In a SYTT program, you will definitely be working on deepening your practice through course work, classroom time, and individual assessment of your self and with your mentor instructors.  BTW – you may find that you have something to teach that you didn’t even know you had, and it may not be a specific yoga class. We keep all the doors open at SYTT.

What if I’ve already had anatomy and physiology?

GREAT! You won’t be bored. We use physical anatomy as a base, but you will learn that being able to teach a pose safely is a lot more involved than being able to spew out a lot of generic physical instruction. 

What if I’m injured or am pregnant?

GREAT! What better way to learn modifications than to have to apply them to yourself. 

Why do I have to do written assignments? 

Written assignments help you assimilate and learn the material on different levels. Plus, writing will help you find your voice and will help you integrate the information in a more personal, experiential manner. It’s more than just reading. It’s knowing that will help you as a teacher.

What if I can’t memorize everything right away?

It’s not about showing the world what you know. It’s about knowing enough to offer the most appropriate instruction for the moment.

I’m in! How do I sign up?

Find an upcoming training on our teacher trainings events page and register for your training, here