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100-Hour Weekend Practicum Series

To become a 200-hour certified Sri Yoga instructor we now have a brand new training schedule!  The 200-Hour Sri Yoga Teacher Training (SYTT) Program begins June 6th, 2015 with the 100-Hour Teacher Immersion Training and finishes with this 100-Hour Weekend Practicum Series beginning on September 12, 2015 - October 11, 2015. You can register for the full 200-hour training together or separately. 


San Francisco or San Mateo 200-Hour Teacher Training Weekend Program
from 2,700.00

Register for our 200-Hour Sri Yoga Teacher Training (SYTT) Weekend Program.

Payment plans are available, just email us for more details. 

Sri Yoga 100-Hour Weekend Practicum Series
1,350.00 1,550.00

Part 1 of our 200-Hr Yoga Teacher Training. Lodging costs are separate. 


After registering, please send us your application: 

Payment plans are available. Please email us for more details.

Click here for class requirements. 

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For information on the first part of this 200-hour module, click below:

100-Hour Teacher Immersion Training

June 5: 100-Hour Teacher Immersion Training