“Step into Your Fullness” Transformational Retreat in Tulum, Mexico 2017/18

Maya Tulum with Jean and Brenna for New Years

December 30 - January 6, 2018

Imagine yourself basking in the sun, reflecting and letting go of the baggage. Feel yourself going to yoga classes designed to reinforce your clarity as you digest the material that has kept you on a hamster wheel as you free body, mind and spirit. Enjoy the journey as you hone in on what it is you need to digest, and what it is you really want for 2018.  

From a place of Fullness, re-evaluate and re-prioritize what is important to you and create resolutions that are worthy of your time. Then, under the light of the full moon, let go of “less than” and “lack” as you step into Fullness in our New Year’s Eve Full Moon Ceremony.

Enjoy sun, surf, food, friends, and yoga as you play with us during this potent week, strengthening your resolve, refining your practice, and re-booting your nervous system. Set yourself up to make 2018 your Year of Fullness!

Join Jean and Brenna as you make 2018 your “Year of Fullness!” This potent and transformational yoga retreat is held at the world renowned Maya Tulum Resort and Spa, December 30, 2017 - January 6, 2018. Maya Tulum is a beautiful retreat center located an hour and a half south of Cancun, Mexico on the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean Sea. The service is stellar, the meals are healthy, delicious and abundant, and the spa hosts a number of truly phenomenal healers.

Your 2018 “Year of Fullness” Package Includes:

  • Daily Transformational Mindful Flow Yoga classes - 1 to 2 classes per day
  • Tantric Pranayama and Meditations to help you hone in on what it is you need to digest, and what it is you really want for 2018
  • Journaling and writing “assignments” for increased clarity
  • New Year’s Full Moon Ceremony transitioning from 2017 to 2018 (please bring something white to wear for this practice - or a representative color of your choice!)
  • Time for play, reflection, self care
  • Self care techniques for your retreat and to take home
  • Create an action plan - a 40 day practice to re-calibrate your nervous system so you can easily integrate your resolutions into you life
  • Yoga/nature/practice explorations
  • Delicious meals, lodging, fun in the sun, howling at the moon
  • Optional Eco-Adventures to the Tulum ancient ruins, lagoons, snorkeling in the Cenotes (fresh water pools) and more (additional charges apply)

Align your priorities, your dreams and find a new source of energy. Give yourself this one week, and enjoy the rest of your year from a fresh point of view! 

Schedule : Check in December 30, 4pm.  Opening Circle 7:30pm.
Check out January 6, 11 am.


Starting at $2148 per person/double occupancy
Maya Tulum is Handling all reservations -please call or email.
888-515-4580 M-F 9-5pm EST

About the Resort:

Maya Tulum is a seaside retreat located an hour and a half south of Cancun on the Riviera Maya in the Eastern Caribbean. The resort was light years ahead of its time in providing a destination yoga and wellness retreat center to the western world long before our culture embraced this ancient tool for spiritual development. The Mayan people still treat this ancient land of their ancestors with respect and reverence, and R&R Resorts has managed to preserve this sacred place in spite of commercial development in the region, keeping its breathtaking natural beauty and sense of place intact. Enjoy the spa and lazy afternoons basking in the sun on secluded white sandy beaches while you digest 2017 and set clear and conscious intentions for 2018!