Sri Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour Teacher Training Program

next program starts March 1, 2014


March, 2014

Sri Yoga 200 Hr Weekend Program

San Francisco/San Mateo location


Saturdays 9-6

Sundays 9-6

March 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 29, 30

April 12, 13, 26, 27

May 3, 4 10, 11, 17, 18, 31, June 1

Sri Yoga Teacher Training is a

Registered Yoga Alliance


For More Information:


Jean Mazzei, 500 E-RYT

Brenna Geehan,  500 E-RYT

Schedule and requirements subject

to change.

200 Hour SYTT Program Application Form












Please make all checks payable to Jean Mazzei. Returned checks are subject to $35.00 fee.

______ $100 non-refundable application fee to be submitted with this application (not included in tuition) Application Fee is waived if payment is made at time of application.

______ $2450 EarlyBird  - paid in full 1 month in advance

______ $2700 Regular Tuition

______ Payment plan available for additional $250 ($2950 tuition + $100 app fee = $3050)

Mail in Application

Jean Mazzei

PO Box 34351

San Francisco, CA 94134

Online Application

Email: and submit non-refundable application fee of $100 using the PayPal button at top of the page.

(Include original questions in response).

1. Name and Address

2. Phone: Home, Cell, Work

3. Emergency Contact

4. Date of Birth

5. How long have you been practicing yoga?  Please describe your

personal  yoga practice.

6. What yoga style or method have you practiced?  Do you prefer a

certain style?

7. Do you have another job?  If so, please describe.

8. Are you teaching yoga now?  Where? Approximately how many

hours per week?

9. Why are you interested in this training?  What do you hope to gain

from this experience?

10. Please describe your health history. Current medications?

11. Please describe your emotional and mental health.  Current medications?

12. List activities, hobbies, interests.

  1. 13.List anything interesting you would like us to know about you.

  2. 14. Describe your 200 hour training. Please include a copy of your certificate.

  3. 15. How did you hear about the Sri Yoga Teachers Training and Sri Yoga Retreats?




To receive Early Bird rate, payment must be made in full one month prior to start date.


Application fee and teacher training monies are non-refundable.

If a student sends in payment with application, and is not accepted into the program, the tuition, less application fee, will be refunded.

Training Costs:

Items not Included tuition:

    * Application Fee

    * Books

    * Outside workshops (credit will be given to students who have completed relevant outside workshops up to one year prior     to the final day of the training).

    * Outside classes and observation hours


All services described herein are organized by Sri Yoga Trainings and Retreats. Notice is hereby given that all arrangements made on behalf of customers are made by the organizers on the sole condition that the organizers shall not be held responsible for any injury, death, accident, delay, loss, damage, or irregularity which may be occasioned through acts of any company and/or persons engaged in carrying out arrangements and services described herein or otherwise in connection herewith.

The information contained in this site is correct to the best of the organizer's knowledge, but the organizer accepts no liability for any inaccuracies therein.

The organizers reserve the right to alter any itinerary or service at any time without penalty to the organizer.

The organizers reserve the right to withdraw or refuse any service to any customer at the discretion of the organizers. Payment of deposit is taken as acknowledgment of and agreement to the above items.


Additional Certification Requirements for extended program

- Attend 5 hours of elective master yoga teacher workshops*

- Observe senior teachers - 5 classes

- Complete all homework assignments (approximately 3-5 hours per week)

- Read and Report on 4 books from the list for certification.

- Complete a 15-hour self-study project in a specialty area of yoga that interests you.  Present your exploration as a document, video, class, or other medium

  1. -Demonstrate ability to teach an inspiring Level 1-2 yoga class clearly, safely, and appropriately.

*Fees for elective workshops are not included in tuition

Self Practice

Trainees are expected to have a dedicated and consistent yoga practice at least 4 days per week.

Required Book Reports

Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice by TKV Desikachar

Yoga and Ayurveda by Dr. David Frawley

Touched by Fire by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait

4th book report - student choice

Required Reading for Certification

Four Chapters on Freedom by Satyananda Saraswati (should have this by the first class)

Yoga for Wellness by Gary Kraftsow

Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar

Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Swami Muktibodhananda

Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Mathews

Other suggestions:

The Key Muscles of Yoga by Ray Long

The Key Poses of Yoga by Ray Long