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From Shame to Shaman with Jean: Step into Your Light with Hip Openers, Forward bends, and Twists

  • Mela Yoga 851 N. San Mateo Dr., Suite G San Mateo, CA 94401 (map)

From Shame to Shaman with Jean Mazzei:
Step into Your Light with
Hip Openers, Forward bends, and Twists

March 5, 2017
Mela Yoga

Go from being “a-shamed” to being “a shaman.” Shame, the fear of being embarrassed or ashamed of ourselves can be crippling wet blanket, masking creativity, intuition, and connection to your highest purpose, aka the Self. In this class, we will dissect and diffuse the power that shame can hold on us consciously and unconsciously, inspiring us to take the necessary steps to free ourselves from these stifling chains of self doubt and unworthiness. Learn practical tools and techniques to help ourselves “die the Shaman’s death” and arise from the ashes of our past as the Phoenix that is your highest Self. This workshop takes a look at how our darkest moments can be the source of our greatest light. Topics include: -Transform body shame -Investigate money shame -Dissect self doubt -Understand unworthiness -Use of asana to help transform negative patterns -Targeted pranayama and meditation techniques -How to use the dark to find the Light within

This workshop will begin with a 1 hour discussion, followed by a 2 hour asana, pranayama, and meditation practice chock full of deep forward bends, twists and hip openers. Visualization, kriya and meditation designed so you rise from the ashes and experience the light of who you really are!


$65 earlybird until Feb 15 | $80 regular