500-Hour Module: The Art of Transmission


500-Hour Module: The Art of Transmission


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Patanjali talks about sukha, “good space” and dukha, “bad space” inside our body/mind. In this 9 day module, you will deepen your understanding behind the science of asana and learn how to clear your space in order to be a more effective conduit for joy and resplendence. This increased level of clarity will allow you to bring your highest Self more fully into every aspect of your life, both on and off the mat.  Students will lead satsang and/or kirtan. More advanced pranayama, meditation, and healing techniques will be introduced, with an emphasis on the experiential aspects.

Topics Include: 

  1. Understanding the bio-energetics of asana and pranayama
  2. Alchemical sequencing and vinyasa krama
  3. Application of the Yoga Sutras
  4. Understanding and application of Tantric teachings and techniques
  5. Systems anatomy
  6. Refining your touch in hands on adjustments to reach different systems of the body
  7. In depth application of the Prana Vayus
  8. Yoga Nidra
  9. Developing a personal practice
  10. Exploration of the concept of the “space,” aka life force

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