At Sri Yoga ™ we are committed to helping you discover your most resplendent self and recovering the life that is inherently yours. Whether you find your bliss in a retreat setting or in a teacher training program, you will receive high quality instruction, curriculum and experience. 


Workshops and Retreats

Join us for local and distant adventures that have the power to transform you. 

Sri Yoga™ Teacher Trainings

Sri Yoga™ Yoga and Meditation Teacher Trainings offer students 200-hour and 500-hour programs that are unlike any in the Bay Area. Gain a strong understanding of why you are here in this world and how to translate these experiences into gems that inspire you and your students to become the best they can be. These trainings are for those in the SYMTT program and for teachers and practitioners that wish to deepen their knowledge. All trainings are eligible for Yoga Alliance continuing education credits.

"I have come to an understanding of Yoga that is well beyond what I had before and well beyond what I believe most students experience in any yoga class." 

- Margery Z., SYTT 200-Hr Graduate

Sri Yoga Teacher Training changed my life. Within this training, I learned so much about myself and thus, so much about my potential for greatness. Jean is a great teacher of the yoga practice both on the mat and off the mat. This is a training for those who are ready to to the personal work of creating positive transformation in all aspects of their life.

- Eileen G., SYTT 500-Hr Graduate

"Sri Yoga Teacher Training is revolutionizing yoga as we know it. Taught in the heart of the Bay Area that is saturated with yoga, what Sri Yoga Teacher Trainings offer is wide-ranging and beyond what any other program will offer you. I am made aware of this every time a new student joins the advanced trainings. The teacher's, Jean and Brenna, have an ability to teach yoga concepts in a way that awakens the mind, penetrates the consciousness and at times is life-changing. As a yoga teacher I always leave their trainings with a heightened awareness of where my personal practice needs to go next and with an increased ability to see and support my students. 

- Sari G., SYTT 500-Hr Graduate