Sri Yoga Teacher Training

Assignments and Resources 


Homework Assignments:

Assignment #1: 

Assignment #2: 

Book Reports:

Book reports should be 2-3 pages and include the following:

  1. Summarize the Book
  2. Write 2-3 points that you will inform your teaching or your personal practice and be specific in their application.
  3. Would you recommend this book? If so, to whom? If not, why? Go here for a list of your required books. 

Required book reports include 3 books we've chosen and one that you can choose on your own. For more details on the required reading, click here

Special Topic Thesis

Home Practice Journal

Outside Observation

Additional Five Hour Workshop

Attendance is Mandatory



Class Observation Handout: 



Audio recording of the Gyatri Mantra:

Audio recording of the Majamitinjra: